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Welcome to Alkmaar Boutique Vineyard

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The Old School

Alkmaar is a boutique vineyard and wine farm near the town of Wellington in the Western Cape, South Africa. We produce handcrafted wines that showcase the superb quality of the fruits from our small vineyard. The farm has a rich heritage spanning more than a century – the original owner founded one of the first schools in the district on this very farmstead. Today, we continue his noble legacy with our range of exclusive boutique wines, fittingly named The Old School. And now, without further ado, we introduce the man that started it all...

“Gather round now. Let me tell you a tale…
Once upon a time, in a far and distant land,
there lived a man and his wife.”

Just like old Master Stucki first got the attention of his pupils, so too shall we begin: with a story…

After an arduous four-month journey from Holland, Marinus Jacobus Stucki landed at the Cape of Good Hope. The date was 21 November 1860. Back then the Mother City was wild and free, opportunities abounded and made people’s eyes glitter like the dew on the slopes of Table Mountain.

A history lesson

Now, Marinus Stucki was a learned young man, with knowledge and skills that were in high demand by the colonial government of the day. And so he took up employment in the hamlet of Wellington, a small town in the Boland. He built a school in the Blouvlei region, on a farm he named Alkmaar after the Dutch town of his birth, and set about shaping the young minds that surrounded him.

In time Marinus Stucki became a well-known figure in the region, as much for his skill as a teacher, as for his noble character, wisdom and personal charm. By the time of his death at the formidable age of 94, he had etched his place in the history of South Africa.

Our story does not end here, no, because almost a century later, Alkmaar had another principal and a new vision – Bouwer and Janet Nell, who instead of shaping young minds, nurtured a young vineyard and practiced the classic art of crafting fine wines.

to be continued…

Alkmaar Wines